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Central Oregon Fishing Guides And Businesses and fishing tips to help you find those trophy trout, cabin rentals on the lake and how to find a quality local Central Oregon fishing guide.

Central Oregon Fishing Lakes

Barb MacNeil and her Mom catch some nice Kokanee at
Paulina Lake in Central Oregon which is just below East Lake.

Lake Simtustus RV Park
 is the
The Only Full Hookup RV Park on the Lake


Jeff Moore of Portland, Oregon comes to Lake Simtustus RV to catch trophy trout. Jeff is known at many lakes in central Oregon but he says he likes the fishing and RV park at Lake Simtustus better than any other in Central Oregon.

Lake Front Camping
Central Oregon RV Parks and resorts offer great camping right on the lake. When you choose a camping destination in Central Oregon choose an RV park that has full lake view spots, full hook-ups and lake front RV Sites. The Lake Simtustus RV Resort is located in Central Oregon just a short drive from Portland, Oregon and in the middle of some of the most beautiful country and weather you'll find anywhere in the country. Fishing is great, sightseeing and relaxing are super and the new campground hosts are the friendliest you'll find anywhere.

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Willamette Pass Inn & Chalets

The Willamette Pass Inn & Chalets is located in the heart of Central Oregon’s most popular recreation area. Within minutes of the Inn are Crescent Lake and Odell lake, Willamette Pass ski area, Pacific Coast trail and hundreds of high mountain lakes. We are in the Crescent Lake Junction. The Inn has spacious rooms, accommodating from 1 to 8 people. Our rooms are furnished with satellite TV, including HBO & Showtime, VCR’s, telephones, kitchenettes complete with utensils and most have wood burning fireplaces. Skiing, Camping, Snow Sports & So Much More Including Camping & RV Spaces Located In The Willamette Pass In The Center Of Oregon Recreation Areas. WINTER and SUMMER fun!

Oregon Lakes And Links

 Applegate Reservoir   Lost Creek Reservoir 
 Rainbow & Chinook trout   Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown Trout, Chinook 
 Hart-tish Campground 541-899-3800   Stewart State Park 541-560-3334 
 http://www.fs.fed.ws/r6/rogue/about01.html  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_30.php
 Billy Chinook Reservoir   Miller Lake 
 Brown, Rainbow & Bull trout   Rainbow, Brown Trout 
 Cove Palisades State Park 541-546-3412   Digit Point 541-365-7001 
 http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_32.php  http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/winema/recreation/camping/digit.shtml


Fishing, boating camping and RV parks are all part of a Central Oregon vacation.

 Big Cultus Lake   Northfork Reservoir 
 Rainbow, Mackinaw Trout   Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook, Brown Trout 
 West Cultus Campground 541-388-5664   P.G.E. Campground 503-464-7474 
   Ochoco Reservoir 
 Big Lake   Rainbow Trout 
 Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook Trout   Ochoco State Park 1-800-378-6305 
 Big Lake Campground 541-822-3381   http://www.ohwy.com/or/o/ochocolk.htm
 Big Lava Lake 
 Rainbow, Brook Trout 
 Lava Lake 541-388-5664 
   Olallie Lake 
 Chickahominy Reservoir   Rainbow and Brook Trout 
 Rainbow Trout   Olallie Lake Resort 541-504-1010 
 Chickahominy Campground 541-573-4300  http://www.olallielakeresort


 Cougar Reservoir   Olive Lake 
 Rainbow Trout   Rainbow, Brook, Lahontan Trout 
 Slide Creek 541-822-3317   Olive Lake Campground 541-278-3716 
 http://www.harneycounty.com/1Camping.htm  http://www.ohwy.com/or/o/kukia.htm
 Crescent Lake   Paulina Lake 
 Mackinaw, Brown, Rainbow Trout   Brown, Rainbow Trout 
 Crescent Lake Campground 541-433-2234   Paulina Lake Campground 541-388-5674 
 http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/centraloregon/recinfo/camping/crescentlake.htm  http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/centraloregon/recinfo/camping/paulinalake.html 
 Detroit Lake   Prineville Reservoir 
 Rainbow Trout   Rainbow Trout 
 Detroit Lake State Park 503-854-3346   Prineville Res. State Park 541-447-4363 
 http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_93.php  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_34.php
 Devils Lake (Lincoln County)   Siiltcoos Lake 
 Rainbow Trout   Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout 
 Devils Lake State Park 541-994-2992   Honeyman State Park 541-997-3851 
 http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_216.php  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_134.php


 Diamond Lake (Umpqua)   Suttle Lake 
 Rainbow Trout   Brown Trout 
 Diamond Lake Campgroung 541-793-3310   Suttle Lake Resort and Marina 541-595-6662 
 http://www.diamondlake.net/  http://www.centormail.com/Suttle_Lake_Resort/
 Emmigrant Lake   Thompson Valley Reservoir 
 Rainbow Trout, Chinook   Rainbow Trout 
 Jackson County Parks 541-774-8183   USFS Campground 541-576-2107 
 http://www.co.jackson.or.us/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=16  http://www.fs.fed.us/outernet/r6/fremont/rogs/thompsrs.htm
 Fish Lake (Rogue)   Timothy Lake 
 Rainbow, Brook Trout   Brook, Rainbow, Cutthroat Trout 
 Fish Lake Campground 541-560-3900   Ripple Brook R.S. 503-834-2275 
   Toketee Reservoir 
 Foster Reservoir   Brown, Brook Trout 
 Rainbow Trout   Toketee Campground 541-498-2531 
 Sunnyside Park 541-967-3917   http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/umpqua/rec/cmp-gnd/cg3tokte.html
   Triangle Lake 
 Four Mile Lake   Cutthroat Trout 
 Brook, Rainbow Trout   Lane County Parks Dept 
 USFS Campground 541-885-3400   
   Unity Reservoir 
 Garrison Lake   Rainbow Trout 
 Rainbow, Cutthroat Trout   Unity Lake State Rec. Area 541-446-9303 
 Wayside 541-332-3681   http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_10.php
 Green Peter Reservoir   Upper Klamath Lake 
 Rainbow Trout   Rainbow Trout 
 Whitcomb Creek Campground   Hagelstein Park 541-883-4696 
 Hills Creek Reservoir   Wallowa Lake 
 Rainbow, Cutthroat Trout   Mackinaw, Rainbow Trout 
 Packard Creek Campground 541-782-2283   Wallowa Lake State Park 541-432-4185 
 http://www.tsisqan.org/camping/camping/camp0035.html  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_27.php
 Howard Prarie Lake   Wickiup Reservoir 
 Rainbow Trout   Brown, Rainbow Trout 
 Howard Prairie Lake Resort 541-482-1979   Twin Lakes Resort 541-593-6526 
 http://www.howardprairieresort.com/  http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/centraloregon/index-resorts.html
 Hyatt Reservoir   Wwohink Lake 
 Rainbow Trout   Rainbow, Cutthroat Trout 
 Hyatt Lake Campground 541-770-2200   Honeyman State Park 541-997-3851 
 http://www.or.blm.gov/CSNW/Hyatt_Lake.htm  http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_134.php
 Lake of the Woods 
 Brown, Rainbow Trout  thanks and hats off to
 Lake Of The Woods Resort 541-949-8300  Larry Hyatt for sending us
 http://www.lakeofthewoodsresort.com/  the above list of lakes and links.
 Lemlo Lake 
 Brown Trout 
 Poole Creek Campground 541-498-2531 
 Email Central Oregon Fishing